Can’t afford the added value of in-house IT support for your tenants?

We’ll show you how to do it, at no cost to you, right now!!


Every tenant who uses a computer in a co-working space will, at some point, have a computer question or problem. 

Now, most of these people would jump at the opportunity to get 30 minutes of free IT support to help resolve nagging computer problems, and up until now, it would have been difficult to provide this type of service to your tenants with no cost or contracts for you to sign.

Lets’ face it, having in-house IT support service is a value-add that distinguishes you from the competition and, the best part is, partnering with GoTechFly will not cost you anything.

We work directly with your tenants to resolve computer problems or deliver consulting services; tenants get our consulting or support services and they get our invoices.  Our objective is to cultivate long-term relationships with growing startups, at the same time, making your co-working space more attractive to potential tenants. 

So, the next time a tenant calls, asking you for help with a broken printer, wouldn’t it be nice to say “We can help you out!”?   If you would like to be able help out, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Partner with GoTechFly, the micro, startup and small business IT specialists

  2. Help us inform your tenants that GoTechFly is your go to, in-house IT support service

  3. Have your tenants contact us when they have a computer question or concern and we will provide each new client 30 minutes of free IT support or consulting

  4. Enjoy happy tenants working contently on their computers!

Questions? Contact us:  773.688.9175


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