Co-Working Centers

Co-working office spaces are growing in popularity and to stay competitive, your co-working space needs to use all the tools at its disposal to maximize its sales opportunities and keep its current tenants happy so they re-lease. Nice furniture and amenities can make one co-working space stand out from another, but one thing that must be consistent and reliable is the wireless internet. Co-working spaces need wireless Internet, in the same way Starbucks needs coffee; without it you have no business.

GoTechFly has the ability to be your one stop shop for finding the best provider of scaleable internet connectivity for your offices, designing and building the network architecture and implementing a robust and redundant wireless network.

Robust Enterprise Wireless Connectivity – GoTechFly understands that high performance wireless networks should have redundancy, low latency and low management overhead. In other words, GoTechFly knows what it takes to build a really fast and reliable wireless network. Based on a needs analysis, GoTechFly will develop a wireless solution which will meet your current networking needs and will also allow for future growth.

Shared Networking Expertise–The principals at GoTechFly have close to two decades of experience in engineering and managing “shared use” networks for many types of networks, including higher education. Higher education environments need to offer high-speed bandwidth access with minimal restrictions to a variety of users and devices, just like a co-working environment. GoTechFly brings the knowledge and experience co-working centers need, unlike many other networking consultants who have experience in building corporate, homogeneous networks, where many controls and constraints can be set up to regulate the usage of the network.

Scalable, Managed Infrastructure – GoTechFly can mitigate the issues associated with users who have multiple devices and various levels of bandwidth needs, as well as prioritize voice traffic when VoIP calls are being routed over the data network. GoTechFly strongly believes in using proven, enterprise class equipment, such as Cisco switches and routers for its networks. Cisco provides unmatched performance, reliability that deliver the management, performance and reliability needed to provide mission critical service.

Redundant High Speed Internet Connectivity – GoTechFly always recommends co-working centers utilize a primary/backup-type Internet connection architecture; redundant Internet connectivity will always maximize performance and increase reliability.