Exchange Email in the Cloud

Exchange Email in the Cloud

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Why Consider a New Email System?

Many small businesses use the default email systems that come from the provider that host’s their company’s web domain and for many businesses, the POP3/IMAP email services have fulfilled the basic needs for up-and-coming businesses.  But recently, things have been changing.  Do you or anyone on your team have more than one computer, an iPad or smartphone?  If so, you probably are starting to realize the limitations of basic email services, the biggest of which is data synchronization.

A typical client might have an Apple MacBook, a Windows 7 computer, an iPhone and an iPad, but they don’t have a solution to synchronize data between all the devices and consolidate contact lists.   So, ask yourself:


  • Do you have constant problems with your current email delivering and sending messages?
  • Do you find that email is not synchronizing between your computers, smartphones and tablets?
  • Does your team need to share calendars with other team members to make scheduling more efficient?
  • Is your current IT support company not providing your business with the support they need?
  • And finally, how much is your business paying right now monthly for email services?  We truly believe in the phrase, “you get what you pay for”, and that is very much the case with email services.

The AnswerExchange Email in the Cloud.

Exchange is an email system from Microsoft and it is the default leader in enterprise email messaging, it has been for almost 20 years and it gives businesses the ability to resolve all the issues listed above.  The thing is, Exchange has been out of reach for small businesses due to the high cost of entry.  Up until recently, if you wanted the power of Exchange, you needed to have a server on premise and that means you have to pay for the cost of hardware, software, setup, integration and maintenance.  It’s not an easily justifiable expense, considering you are getting email for “free” from your domain host.

Flash forward to todaythanks to the low cost of data storage and the ability to scale services, there are many companies that host Exchange servers in the cloud.  Small businesses now have the ability to have the same powerful messaging systems as large corporations, at a fraction of the cost.  Hosted Exchange services are typically billed on a per user, per month basis, making it very cost effective, scalable and granular. The team at GoTechFly has been working with Exchange servers for close to two decades and we are partnered with the premier Exchange hosting provider in the world.

Contact us today, to learn more about how GoTechFly can help migrate your business to a hosted Exchange email system and take your business to the next level.