Repair and Support Services

Computer Diagnostics Malware Cleanup Cloud Storage and Data Transfer System Optimization Operating System  Network Services


computer-diagnosticsComputer Evaluation and Diagnostics – $29.95
When your machine’s performance isn’t what it used to be, we’ll conduct a complete hardware diagnostic to determine why. Our evaluation includes a seven-point inspection to better determine your computer’s exact problem. We’ll check your computer’s memory, hard drive and also determine if you have viruses and other malware. Our techs even go as far as to inspect your motherboard, confirm that all system fans are operating properly and even ensure dust isn’t corrupting your system.

malwareMalware Cleanup –$179.95
New computer viruses and malware maliciously infect computer users every day. Sometimes it’s obvious. Other times users are unaware unsavory and unwelcome computer bugs have infected them. GoTechFly’s arsenal of state of the art virus and malware removal tools will hunt down and destroy any lingering virus, adware, trojans and other infections from your machine. After removal we can also install the latest tools to keep new viruses from infecting your machine in the future.

Cloud-256Cloud Storage and Data Transfer -$99.95
Need assistance transferring files to a new PC? Maybe you’d like to get setup with a cloud storage and backup service? Either way, we’ll consult with you and assist in the data migration and transfer process to get you on your way!


System OptimizationSystem Optimization –$69.95
You take your car to the mechanic for a regular tune-up and maintenance; why not your PC? Every 3 to 6 months we recommend a system optimization to keep your PC running smoothly and without error. GoTechFly will perform the following when working on your system:

  • Remove any junk and/or temporary files that can clog your system and prevent optimal performance
  • Apply all available system updates for your operating system
  • Apply available software updates for installed software on your system
  • Speed up your computer by preventing unnecessary third-party software from running in the background and consuming system resources and performance problems
  • Defragment your hard drive to put your files in order and in an optimal position. This speeds up boot times and file opening.


wrench Operating System Upgrade/ Installation or Repair –$99.95
Whether you have the Windows “blue screen of death” and cannot boot into your computer or simply want to upgrade your Mac or PC operating system to the latest version we’re here to help! Specially trained and certified GoTechFly specialists will take away all the pain, fear and frustration to get your computer running the way you want it in no time.


NetworkNetwork services – Affordable, call for an estimate
Need help connecting to an existing wired or wireless network? Need to create a new network connecting devices at your location? Whether it is connecting PCs at your office, connecting a new smart TV to your home wireless network, repair a wireless connection or planning for most effective Internet connectivity, we can help.